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Pratik Shah

ID Card Design Software: Creating Success Stories for Stationery E-Store Owners!

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Identification defines us. It reflects what we are and what we do. This stands true especially for the people who live highly professional lives. Whether walking through the corridors of their corporate office or conversing with someone in the lift, you will often see them exchanging id cards. Such people are quite conscious of what kind of image they create. Afterall, it can make or break the impression of their business.


Now, let’s go back to the making of id cards a few years ago. It was a prolonged process of approaching a card and logo designer, mulling over designs, shortlisting and then finalizing on one of the designs. Next, followed an appointment with a printer, getting the budget, and getting your card printed. And the end of it, that streak of dissatisfaction on the face! If you are into the business of selling id cards, you must be aware of the above scenario.


If you are still into providing id cards or other stationery offline, guess what? It’s time to move online. And let’s say you did. Well, that alone doesn’t suffice! You also need to provide your customers with the freedom to design cards on their own. By doing so, you can ensure that they end up buying with a smile on their face. The question is, how? The answer is simple. You need to integrate an id card design software with your website.


But before you go about doing that, let us check out the success story of a brand that started off on a small scale and is now an epitome of online card designing e-store for aspiring e-retailers.


Vistaprint: The Success Story

The founder of Vistaprint, Robert Keane, laid the foundation of Vistaprint with the goal to provide small business owners with customized and printed products. Him along with his team, developed a technology that renders id cards and other stationery of good quality at cost-effective rates. Now, after almost 2 decades, it stands out to be one of the front runners providing not only customized id cards; but also mugs, t-shirts, marketing collaterals, signs and posters, photo gifts and more.


You too, can write your success story…

After reading the success story given above, you might say, “I do not have the time, resources and the budget to build an e-store like Vistaprint.” Well, the good thing is, you don’t really have to. All you need to do is approach a company that provides id card design software and integrate the software with your website. Of course, after knowing the features and functionalities it entails. Also, you need to ensure that the software you invest into is compatible with your website’s platform.


When it comes to web-to-print solutions, you can find several options available in the market. Some companies also develop, design and set up the entire website for you (along with the integration of web-to-print tool). In other words, a full-fledged, ready to sell, web-to-print store.


And let’s say you have already invested in a tool like that and face certain glitches when it comes to managing a print production cycle. Rest assure, you can also go for a web-to-print ERP that will take care of all your needs and ensure that all the steps involved in the designing and printing go smoothly. The choice is yours’.


Things to Keep in Mind Before You Invest into an ID Card Design Software

  1. Must be platform independent and easily integrable with platforms like Magento, WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify, PHP and more.

  2. The software should be mobile first or device responsive, keeping the convenience of modern customers in mind

  3. Should have a user-friendly interface

  4. Should entail good quality templates, designs, fonts and logo

  5. Must be compatible with different print ready files and formats

  6. It should be able to print the design clearly and precisely on all printable surfaces


We hope that this article will help you take better decisions for your stationery e-store. Do you currently use one with your e-store? Feel free to share with us!