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Pratik Shah

How Can Web-to-Print Solutions Benefit Print Brokers, Ecommerce Businesses and Customers | Brush Your Ideas

The market forecasting studies have proved that the global printing industry will reach the figure of $980 billion by end of the year 2018. In terms of value, print market’s digital share will go from being 9.5% in 2008 to 19.7% in the year 2018. This is probably the reason almost 50% of print providers have invested in web-to-print solutions. And nearly 70% of print service providers in USA have invested in an all-inclusive web-to-print software system.

Pratik Shah

Scary Good is Damn Good! | Brush Your Ideas

Honestly, the buyer mostly does not have a clue what they want. Last time, I took my kid shopping for his 4th birthday. He wanted the Spiderman Theme. I started my search for the Party-gear from there. Did I know the theme design? Or, the costume variations? Or, the face masks? We sure have the idea on the type, but not what we want until we see it. That is mostly the case for the merchandise type – such as Halloween Products.


Pratik Shah

T Shirt Design Tool - Free download and software reviews - CNET

Brush Your Ideas is a brilliant tool that offers your clients with the ability to print their favorite design on t-shirts and apparels. The t-shirts and design available at the traditional brick and mortar store might not appeal to several buyers. They are always on the lookout for a tool that can help them to create something that they would like to wear. Brush Your Ideas is a Magento based T-shirt Design Tool that will work great for your eCommerce store as it provides with the facility of customization. Brush Your Ideas HTML5 T-shirt Design Software is a boon for the apparel web-to-print industry as it gives customers the power to design their own prints for their clothing and accessories. Personalization of t-shirts is a major selling proposition in the web-to-print industry as personalized t-shirts are not only popular with customers but also relatively easy to print and sell. The ability to add custom designs on their t-shirts also increases the value of plain t-shirts, thus giving good profit margin to the online retailer. With advanced features, T-shirt designing becomes easy as a breeze! So what keeps you waiting? Install Brush Your Ideas at the earliest.04:04 11:46


Pratik Shah

The Importance of Keeping Up with Latest Web-to-Print Technology | Brush Your Ideas

The journey of printers from a conventional and restricted setup in the neighborhood to overseas business online had been a long but an immediate one. We call it immediate because it was almost a sudden transformation. In no time, web-to-print became popular and many conventional and new businesses providing web to print solutions flourished in the market. The base of these businesses is undoubtedly technology. But, is the web-to-print technology a one time invention? Technology is man made and hence there is always scope of improvement, same goes for web to print solutions as well. In this blog, we will trace and discuss the importance of employing latest web-to-print technology for progressing printers.

Pratik Shah

How to Choose a Web-to-Print Software Compatible with Your Web Platform? | Brush Your Ideas

The word “compatibility” is intricate. Be it humans or technology; it holds a profound importance. If not, there are apparently destructive consequences. However, today, we will talk just about technologies. These days, when most of the businesses strive online, it is important for the websites to work smoothly. Irrespective of the software installed and the tools integrated to enhance functionalities.

Pratik Shah

Things You Must Do Before and After Starting an Online Fashion Store

4 min read

I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes every day, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” ― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic.


Imagine selling to an audience like the one above. Isn’t it a lot of pressure when you are the ultimate destination for people who have lost their jobs, are struggling with failed relationships and undergoing identity crisis? If you are thinking about diving into the world of fashion, it sure does come with a lot of pressure and expectations. Also, it doesn’t suffice having a chic looking website selling the latest fashion online. You need to spruce up things with the amalgamation of fashion and technology.


Now, when I refer to an amalgamation of fashion and technology, it means, you can perhaps consider integrating an apparel design software to your website and enable your customers to suggest designs and patterns using which you can create an original piece of attire for them. Be it a gown, a skirt or a dress. Or, let them see how a particular attire will look on them. It could be any technology that helps your e-store stand out from the competitors.


Above given was just an example. In case you are planning to become a fashion entrepreneur, this article will provide you with some useful insights on things you must do before starting an online fashion store.



Identify Your Audience

Would you be selling to the Asian community or an American one? What age groups do you sell to? Do you know about the types of attires they would choose to buy? Are they too picky or flexible? You must mull over these questions before you start selling.


Also, you must get an understanding of the style your audience prefers and what kind of struggles they go through while choosing clothes for themselves. It will bring a lot of clarity as to what kind of clothes you want to start selling and whether or not to integrate an apparel design software or not.


Inspire by Offering Personalization

Having designers and stylists that work for your fashion line is great! However, attire lovers do wish your e-store had a fashion scrapbook which had a library of fashion pieces from them to choose from. This way, they would be able to research, discover and zero on the style they prefer.


If you want, you can also get a custom cloth design software made which offers them with an option to find their favorite fashion, share it with other users and create their own style. This, followed by an attire designing contest judged by a fashion icon would work wonders for you!


Marketing Is Must

Before and after you launch your attire estore, it is important to market your fashion line to the fullest. To do that, you can make the most out of influential marketing and find fashion influencers to endorse your e-store and its products. You can also gift them new renderings from your e-store every season.


Create a page on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and introduce each piece of attire with a creative caption. Tag your customers and feature them in your weekly magazines. Once the word spreads, you are sure to attract more customers to your e-store.


Above given are some of the basic steps that you must follow before and after you have launched your e-store. Apart from that, you must find time to self-reflect as an entrepreneur and find out what is not working for your business. Once you recognize it, you would be able to better your sales. What are your opinions on the above points? Feel free to share with us.

Pratik Shah

ID Card Design Software: Creating Success Stories for Stationery E-Store Owners!

4 min read

Identification defines us. It reflects what we are and what we do. This stands true especially for the people who live highly professional lives. Whether walking through the corridors of their corporate office or conversing with someone in the lift, you will often see them exchanging id cards. Such people are quite conscious of what kind of image they create. Afterall, it can make or break the impression of their business.


Now, let’s go back to the making of id cards a few years ago. It was a prolonged process of approaching a card and logo designer, mulling over designs, shortlisting and then finalizing on one of the designs. Next, followed an appointment with a printer, getting the budget, and getting your card printed. And the end of it, that streak of dissatisfaction on the face! If you are into the business of selling id cards, you must be aware of the above scenario.


If you are still into providing id cards or other stationery offline, guess what? It’s time to move online. And let’s say you did. Well, that alone doesn’t suffice! You also need to provide your customers with the freedom to design cards on their own. By doing so, you can ensure that they end up buying with a smile on their face. The question is, how? The answer is simple. You need to integrate an id card design software with your website.


But before you go about doing that, let us check out the success story of a brand that started off on a small scale and is now an epitome of online card designing e-store for aspiring e-retailers.


Vistaprint: The Success Story

The founder of Vistaprint, Robert Keane, laid the foundation of Vistaprint with the goal to provide small business owners with customized and printed products. Him along with his team, developed a technology that renders id cards and other stationery of good quality at cost-effective rates. Now, after almost 2 decades, it stands out to be one of the front runners providing not only customized id cards; but also mugs, t-shirts, marketing collaterals, signs and posters, photo gifts and more.


You too, can write your success story…

After reading the success story given above, you might say, “I do not have the time, resources and the budget to build an e-store like Vistaprint.” Well, the good thing is, you don’t really have to. All you need to do is approach a company that provides id card design software and integrate the software with your website. Of course, after knowing the features and functionalities it entails. Also, you need to ensure that the software you invest into is compatible with your website’s platform.


When it comes to web-to-print solutions, you can find several options available in the market. Some companies also develop, design and set up the entire website for you (along with the integration of web-to-print tool). In other words, a full-fledged, ready to sell, web-to-print store.


And let’s say you have already invested in a tool like that and face certain glitches when it comes to managing a print production cycle. Rest assure, you can also go for a web-to-print ERP that will take care of all your needs and ensure that all the steps involved in the designing and printing go smoothly. The choice is yours’.


Things to Keep in Mind Before You Invest into an ID Card Design Software

  1. Must be platform independent and easily integrable with platforms like Magento, WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify, PHP and more.

  2. The software should be mobile first or device responsive, keeping the convenience of modern customers in mind

  3. Should have a user-friendly interface

  4. Should entail good quality templates, designs, fonts and logo

  5. Must be compatible with different print ready files and formats

  6. It should be able to print the design clearly and precisely on all printable surfaces


We hope that this article will help you take better decisions for your stationery e-store. Do you currently use one with your e-store? Feel free to share with us!

Pratik Shah

Create a Web-to-Print E-store Like CustomInk | Brush Your Ideas

What comes to your mind when I utter the word “Web-to-Print” e-store? You might think of it as something really big and fancy. However, it isn’t as huge as it sounds. The idea is simple. You have an ecommerce website where you sell multiple products. And you integrate an online product designer tool using which your customers can create their own version of products. Thereafter, you can upload the print ready file, print the design on the product of their choice and deliver it to them.

Brush Your Ideas Web to Print Store Solution makes you able to create your website like CustomInk. If you are looking for web-to-print storefront solution, we are a step away to choose.

Pratik Shah

Web-to-Print Software Solutions, Print Storefront | Brush Your Ideas

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Pratik Shah

What Does Generation Z Expect Out of Online T-Shirt stores?

5 min read

Generation Z…the most independent generation we have ever witnessed! The batch that snapchats every moment of their life, hashtags everything they stumble upon, and grows weird nails. The best part? They are blatantly themselves. And the worst? You can’t ask them ‘to do’ anything. Selling t-shirts to a generation like this is a challenge. They will not settle for anything less than what they want.

If you sell t-shirts online, there might have been times when someone from this cohort ended up asking you for a wacky t-shirt design. And worse, you had to say “no”. In case you haven’t met with a challenge like this, you might face one in the future. Let’s not complain that the sales have hit the bottom. Let’s get selling t-shirts to Generation Z. Let’s find out how:

A Personalized Experience

“To each his own.” Generation Z takes this quote too seriously. Also, they want to be valued. Whether you have an offline store or an online one; you must understand their preferences and recommend them with a t-shirt that adheres to their choices. Let’s say you do that. And still they aren’t happy. Either they smirk over the design or the shade of color doesn’t appeal to them.

During such times, you need to provide the tech-needy (not tech-savvy) generation with a t-shirt design software. A tool which is user-friendly, cool, and helps them create personalized experiences by themselves. And If you are a pro-active t-shirt seller, you can ask them to join your page on social media, follow them or giveaway prizes for wearing the personalized t-shirt bought from your e-store. Think about it…

A Quickity Quick Checkout

In 2016, a research study by E-marketer had proved that Millennials carry 200$ Billion in Annual buying power. With Generation Z in 2018, the figure has almost doubled. And you sure do not want to give reasons for a generation like this one to abandon your carts! So, the trick is to enable them to checkout with the items at the earliest.

Generation Z wouldn’t mind spending time designing the t-shirt they want with your t-shirt design software. But ask them too many questions and you would ward them off! In that case, do whatever needs to be done to keep them coming back to your e-store. Provide pre-filling forms that ask for minimal typing, offer better payment experiences through user-friendly process and retain them.

Social Media Sharing

A study by RetailDIVE says that social media influences 80 % of Gen Z purchases. Like I mentioned earlier, the generation of today loves to shout out everything they have done, bought or eaten. So, after they have finished designing the t-shirt of their dreams with your t-shirt design tool, they would want to flaunt it on their favorite social media platforms. And you sure can let them do that.

All you need to do is integrate a t shirt design tool that provides social media sharing options. Also, just sharing is not enough. You need to keep motivating them to buy from you. For which you can consider creating a story by tagging them, sharing their creations on your page or offer them with discounts. Whether they are into Facebooking, Snapchatting or Instagramming, you need to bring a smile on their face.

Aesthetically Pleasing E-Stores

All said and done, it turns out that anything that is not visually appealing doesn’t work for today’s generation. Which means, apart from updating your t-shirt e-store with a cool technology, you also need to have a website that looks great and is mobile responsive. Gen-zers loves aspirational browsing through their mobiles. So, they might not end up buying the t-shirt they want.

They might create a collection of their favorite t-shirts, ask opinions of their friends and think of buying them when they have their finances managed. According to a popular retail consultancy named Fitch, contrast and color entice Gen Z a lot and they go by these elements before they start exploring. Whatever you do, just make sure that the design of your t-shirt e-store is not off putting and the t-shirt collection that you display on your website is creative. ‘Cause it turns out that Generation Z DOES judge a book by its cover.

We hope you had a good time knowing about the preferences of current generation and the psyche they carry when it comes to shopping for t-shirts online. In case you are considering to integrate a t-shirt printing software with your website, you must make sure that it is compatible with the platform that you have. It’s time to make the t-shirt selling business scalable and creative!