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Pratik Shah

Top 5 Magento 2 Product Designer Tools You Can Consider Integrating to Your Website

5 min read

“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.” – quotes Peter Drucker, a popular Management Consultant and author. But, there are two problems with the people who dislike changes. One, they are too comfortable with the old. And two, despite of the fact that they have chosen to stick to the old ways of doing things, they keep bickering about it. Quite ironic, isn’t it?

The same applies to the e-store owners who have put up a Magento 2 website for years and keep selling the same products year after year. If you are one of them, there’s bad news and good news. The bad news is, that you can’t keep doing the same if you want to make good sales. And the good news is that, we are here to show you the best way to do so. You will have to start providing your customers with personalized product

When we say personalized products, we do not mean the products already available on your store rendered with a twist. We mean, one-of-a-kind personalized products. The ones they can create and conceptualize on the web using a product designer tool. If you have a Magento 2 Product Designer, you can help your customers design the product of their choice the way they want. But with so many Magento 2 compatible tools available in the market, the biggest dilemma is, which one to go for. To help you ward off confusions pertaining to the same, we have come up with:

Top 5 Magento 2 Product Designer Tools You Can Consider Integrating to Your Website:

  1. Brush Your Ideas

Known as a holy grail for ecommerce store owners, Brush Your Ideas has gained a lot of popularity amongst the e-store owners that are into selling personalized t-shirts, business cards, posters, gadget skins, mugs etc. Although it is a platform independent Magento 2 web to print extension, it works with other platforms like WordPress, Shopify, PrestaShop, Php and more.

Given below are some of the features of Brush Your Ideas that makes it one of the bestselling tools available in the market today:

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Suits every purpose, product anatomy and functionality

  • Comes with an additional feature named – Hot Folder

  • 1000+ clipart, Rich library of texts, images,

  • Ready to use templates

  • Layer Management Feature

  • Works with all printing styles

  • Social Media Upload

You can check out the features of design tool in detail by visiting the website of Brush Your Ideas.

  1. Advance Product Designer

Quite similar to Brush Your Ideas, Advance Product Designer is a product of AppJetty, available for both Magento 1 and Magento 2 e-store owners. The best part about this extension is that it comes with extremely user-friendly front-end and backend features. Again, this extension works with all kinds of products having a printable surface including t-shirts, gifts, cards, signs & posters etc. The company provides visitors with the live demo of how the product works.

But before you take a demo, here are some of its briefly mentioned features which you might like to inculcate in your website:

  • Image Editing

  • Free Clipart Library

  • Personalized Image Upload

  • Clipart Customization

  • Design Side Management

  • Multiple Design Areas

  • Pre-Loaded Templates

  • Object Grouping

  • Layer Management

  • Smart Search

This product comes with a mobile app add-on for the ecommerce store owners to provide their customers with a product customization app.

  1. Product Designer Pro

If you are looking for a Magento 2 Product Designer Software that helps you to boost sales, enhance productivity and offer superior quality printing service, Product Designer Pro might work well for you. Using it, your customers can personalize a range of products and buy the prints online.

Take a look at some of its features given below:

  • Designing feature with different fonts, patterns, background, shapes etc.

  • Upload photos on Social Media

  • Generate QR Code

  • 15000 clipart in SVG format

  • Product Design Templates

  • 300 dpi output

  • Supports PDF, PNG, SVG

You can check out the detailed features of this tool by visiting the website.

  1. CMSmart Product Designer

For the ecommerce store owners willing to provide an excellent user experience to their customers CMSmart is a good choice. It enables customers to design the images of their choice on the product of their choice the way they want. After designing, they can preview the design as to how it looks on the product. This module works with all kinds of 3rd party extensions.

Here are some of its noteworthy features:

  • Facility of adding images and customizing them

  • Provision of adding QR code function

  • Design preview option

  • Mobile-friendly user interface.

The company also provides other ecommerce solutions. This product is available for both Magento 1 and 2 e-store owners.

  1. Zakeke Interactive Product Designer


If you are looking for a cloud-based tool that helps you to provide live product customization through your Magento 2 store, this Magento 2 Product Designer would be a good addition. It helps you to sell mobile cases, apparel, promotional gifts, merchandising and helps you to customize it with logos, images, text and other clipart.

Some of the features that make this Magento 2 product designer software worthy of investing into are:

  • Multi-currency and multilingual features that work in any country

  • Range of cost options based on printing methods

  • Supports PNG, PDF, SVG, AutoCAD DXF formats

  • Comes with Image filters

  • Unlimited Storage facility

  • Cloud service with live synchronization with Magento 2 store

Zakeke enables the Magento 2 website owners to configure up to 25 products for live customization.

This was a brief glimpse to some of the bestselling Magento 2 web to print extensions available in the market today. However, each one of these come with their own set of advantages and drawbacks. So, before you make an investment, conduct thorough research as to whether or not they meet with your current set of objectives.


Pratik Shah

Web to Print Software Hunt: How is It Similar to Finding a Partner for Marriage?

4 min read


What do you look for in a partner when you get married? Loyalty? A certain level of commitment? And above all, compatibility. For the past few years, the ecommerce companies have witnessed a drastic change in their renderings and a rapid momentum towards personalization. And this has become possible by the inclusion of web to print software to their website.

But to be able to find ‘The One’ or the right online print shop software has been quite challenging for the e-commerce store owners. So, we decided to compare searching for the right print software to hunting for a partner for marriage and provide them with a clearer perspective as to why they want what they want.

Finding Traits That Entice

Qualities or definition of what is right for oneself differs from person to person. Are you looking for someone who is outrageous, bold, and wild? Or someone more mellow and wise? The same stands true when you go for buying a print software. You need to be aware of what peculiarities you are looking for.

First and foremost, the software should be compatible with your ecommerce platform. So, figure out whether the software in question works with Magento, WordPress or Shopify platform. Thereafter, look into the products that you sell. Is the web-to-print system compatible with all kinds of products that have a print-friendly surface? If you find a satisfactory answer to these questions, you might be good to go.

Setting Realistic Expectations

Unless you are someone with looks and charm to die for, you can’t have people swooning over you. And hence, you must set realistic expectations from someone you wish to marry. Similarly, as a buyer, you must remember that some vendors set high expectations while selling the software to you. But if you believe that it is going to be a smooth journey after integrating the software, you might get disappointed at a later stage.

Just like you would gradually try to understand the needs and expectations of your partner more after you start living with them, you can learn the nuances of your software and its working once you have integrated it with your platform. It is good to have a clarity of what exactly you are looking for. But being open enough to learn, change and grow with the print software training you receive from the vendors can help you go a long way.

Communicating and Evolving

A real relationship is when you have a say or opinion in the decisions that you make. After you have received the knowledge about the software and its working, you need to find out if it suffices your particular needs. For example, it might not have a feature that your e-store often needs; or might have one which you do not need at all.

During such times, you need to communicate with your vendor and ask them to provide you with whatever customization and support you need. By providing feedbacks or communicating clearly, you would be able to enhance your software and attract a greater number of customers. Check out the features and functionalities other web-to-print vendors offer and ask your providers if they would be able to provide you with the same.

Happily, Ever After…

The above-mentioned 3 traits are a must whether you are looking for a partner to get married with or a buying an online print shop software. And just like every other relationship, you should definitely not settle for less than you deserve. However, a little maturity, a bit of patience and a whole lot of acceptance can help you go a long way and be happy with the relationship.

Also, just like try to know more about your potential partner from the common links you have, you can get testimonials and reviews about the web-to-print software from the past customers and find out whether they faced any glitches while working with them. It will give you more clarity in terms of seeing the future of your business after you integrate the software. We wish you a happy marriage!


Pratik Shah

Things You Must Do Before and After Starting an Online Fashion Store

4 min read

I love new clothes. If everyone could just wear new clothes every day, I reckon depression wouldn’t exist anymore.” ― Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic.


Imagine selling to an audience like the one above. Isn’t it a lot of pressure when you are the ultimate destination for people who have lost their jobs, are struggling with failed relationships and undergoing identity crisis? If you are thinking about diving into the world of fashion, it sure does come with a lot of pressure and expectations. Also, it doesn’t suffice having a chic looking website selling the latest fashion online. You need to spruce up things with the amalgamation of fashion and technology.


Now, when I refer to an amalgamation of fashion and technology, it means, you can perhaps consider integrating an apparel design software to your website and enable your customers to suggest designs and patterns using which you can create an original piece of attire for them. Be it a gown, a skirt or a dress. Or, let them see how a particular attire will look on them. It could be any technology that helps your e-store stand out from the competitors.


Above given was just an example. In case you are planning to become a fashion entrepreneur, this article will provide you with some useful insights on things you must do before starting an online fashion store.



Identify Your Audience

Would you be selling to the Asian community or an American one? What age groups do you sell to? Do you know about the types of attires they would choose to buy? Are they too picky or flexible? You must mull over these questions before you start selling.


Also, you must get an understanding of the style your audience prefers and what kind of struggles they go through while choosing clothes for themselves. It will bring a lot of clarity as to what kind of clothes you want to start selling and whether or not to integrate an apparel design software or not.


Inspire by Offering Personalization

Having designers and stylists that work for your fashion line is great! However, attire lovers do wish your e-store had a fashion scrapbook which had a library of fashion pieces from them to choose from. This way, they would be able to research, discover and zero on the style they prefer.


If you want, you can also get a custom cloth design software made which offers them with an option to find their favorite fashion, share it with other users and create their own style. This, followed by an attire designing contest judged by a fashion icon would work wonders for you!


Marketing Is Must

Before and after you launch your attire estore, it is important to market your fashion line to the fullest. To do that, you can make the most out of influential marketing and find fashion influencers to endorse your e-store and its products. You can also gift them new renderings from your e-store every season.


Create a page on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat and introduce each piece of attire with a creative caption. Tag your customers and feature them in your weekly magazines. Once the word spreads, you are sure to attract more customers to your e-store.


Above given are some of the basic steps that you must follow before and after you have launched your e-store. Apart from that, you must find time to self-reflect as an entrepreneur and find out what is not working for your business. Once you recognize it, you would be able to better your sales. What are your opinions on the above points? Feel free to share with us.

Pratik Shah

ID Card Design Software: Creating Success Stories for Stationery E-Store Owners!

4 min read

Identification defines us. It reflects what we are and what we do. This stands true especially for the people who live highly professional lives. Whether walking through the corridors of their corporate office or conversing with someone in the lift, you will often see them exchanging id cards. Such people are quite conscious of what kind of image they create. Afterall, it can make or break the impression of their business.


Now, let’s go back to the making of id cards a few years ago. It was a prolonged process of approaching a card and logo designer, mulling over designs, shortlisting and then finalizing on one of the designs. Next, followed an appointment with a printer, getting the budget, and getting your card printed. And the end of it, that streak of dissatisfaction on the face! If you are into the business of selling id cards, you must be aware of the above scenario.


If you are still into providing id cards or other stationery offline, guess what? It’s time to move online. And let’s say you did. Well, that alone doesn’t suffice! You also need to provide your customers with the freedom to design cards on their own. By doing so, you can ensure that they end up buying with a smile on their face. The question is, how? The answer is simple. You need to integrate an id card design software with your website.


But before you go about doing that, let us check out the success story of a brand that started off on a small scale and is now an epitome of online card designing e-store for aspiring e-retailers.


Vistaprint: The Success Story

The founder of Vistaprint, Robert Keane, laid the foundation of Vistaprint with the goal to provide small business owners with customized and printed products. Him along with his team, developed a technology that renders id cards and other stationery of good quality at cost-effective rates. Now, after almost 2 decades, it stands out to be one of the front runners providing not only customized id cards; but also mugs, t-shirts, marketing collaterals, signs and posters, photo gifts and more.


You too, can write your success story…

After reading the success story given above, you might say, “I do not have the time, resources and the budget to build an e-store like Vistaprint.” Well, the good thing is, you don’t really have to. All you need to do is approach a company that provides id card design software and integrate the software with your website. Of course, after knowing the features and functionalities it entails. Also, you need to ensure that the software you invest into is compatible with your website’s platform.


When it comes to web-to-print solutions, you can find several options available in the market. Some companies also develop, design and set up the entire website for you (along with the integration of web-to-print tool). In other words, a full-fledged, ready to sell, web-to-print store.


And let’s say you have already invested in a tool like that and face certain glitches when it comes to managing a print production cycle. Rest assure, you can also go for a web-to-print ERP that will take care of all your needs and ensure that all the steps involved in the designing and printing go smoothly. The choice is yours’.


Things to Keep in Mind Before You Invest into an ID Card Design Software

  1. Must be platform independent and easily integrable with platforms like Magento, WordPress, PrestaShop, Shopify, PHP and more.

  2. The software should be mobile first or device responsive, keeping the convenience of modern customers in mind

  3. Should have a user-friendly interface

  4. Should entail good quality templates, designs, fonts and logo

  5. Must be compatible with different print ready files and formats

  6. It should be able to print the design clearly and precisely on all printable surfaces


We hope that this article will help you take better decisions for your stationery e-store. Do you currently use one with your e-store? Feel free to share with us!

Pratik Shah

What Does Generation Z Expect Out of Online T-Shirt stores?

5 min read

Generation Z…the most independent generation we have ever witnessed! The batch that snapchats every moment of their life, hashtags everything they stumble upon, and grows weird nails. The best part? They are blatantly themselves. And the worst? You can’t ask them ‘to do’ anything. Selling t-shirts to a generation like this is a challenge. They will not settle for anything less than what they want.

If you sell t-shirts online, there might have been times when someone from this cohort ended up asking you for a wacky t-shirt design. And worse, you had to say “no”. In case you haven’t met with a challenge like this, you might face one in the future. Let’s not complain that the sales have hit the bottom. Let’s get selling t-shirts to Generation Z. Let’s find out how:

A Personalized Experience

“To each his own.” Generation Z takes this quote too seriously. Also, they want to be valued. Whether you have an offline store or an online one; you must understand their preferences and recommend them with a t-shirt that adheres to their choices. Let’s say you do that. And still they aren’t happy. Either they smirk over the design or the shade of color doesn’t appeal to them.

During such times, you need to provide the tech-needy (not tech-savvy) generation with a t-shirt design software. A tool which is user-friendly, cool, and helps them create personalized experiences by themselves. And If you are a pro-active t-shirt seller, you can ask them to join your page on social media, follow them or giveaway prizes for wearing the personalized t-shirt bought from your e-store. Think about it…

A Quickity Quick Checkout

In 2016, a research study by E-marketer had proved that Millennials carry 200$ Billion in Annual buying power. With Generation Z in 2018, the figure has almost doubled. And you sure do not want to give reasons for a generation like this one to abandon your carts! So, the trick is to enable them to checkout with the items at the earliest.

Generation Z wouldn’t mind spending time designing the t-shirt they want with your t-shirt design software. But ask them too many questions and you would ward them off! In that case, do whatever needs to be done to keep them coming back to your e-store. Provide pre-filling forms that ask for minimal typing, offer better payment experiences through user-friendly process and retain them.

Social Media Sharing

A study by RetailDIVE says that social media influences 80 % of Gen Z purchases. Like I mentioned earlier, the generation of today loves to shout out everything they have done, bought or eaten. So, after they have finished designing the t-shirt of their dreams with your t-shirt design tool, they would want to flaunt it on their favorite social media platforms. And you sure can let them do that.

All you need to do is integrate a t shirt design tool that provides social media sharing options. Also, just sharing is not enough. You need to keep motivating them to buy from you. For which you can consider creating a story by tagging them, sharing their creations on your page or offer them with discounts. Whether they are into Facebooking, Snapchatting or Instagramming, you need to bring a smile on their face.

Aesthetically Pleasing E-Stores

All said and done, it turns out that anything that is not visually appealing doesn’t work for today’s generation. Which means, apart from updating your t-shirt e-store with a cool technology, you also need to have a website that looks great and is mobile responsive. Gen-zers loves aspirational browsing through their mobiles. So, they might not end up buying the t-shirt they want.

They might create a collection of their favorite t-shirts, ask opinions of their friends and think of buying them when they have their finances managed. According to a popular retail consultancy named Fitch, contrast and color entice Gen Z a lot and they go by these elements before they start exploring. Whatever you do, just make sure that the design of your t-shirt e-store is not off putting and the t-shirt collection that you display on your website is creative. ‘Cause it turns out that Generation Z DOES judge a book by its cover.

We hope you had a good time knowing about the preferences of current generation and the psyche they carry when it comes to shopping for t-shirts online. In case you are considering to integrate a t-shirt printing software with your website, you must make sure that it is compatible with the platform that you have. It’s time to make the t-shirt selling business scalable and creative!

Pratik Shah

What Kind of Features Makes a Product Design Tool Desirable?

5 min read

When I utter the word “Product Design Tool”, what is the first thought that you have? “A tool that helps you to design products”, perhaps? Well, to tell you the truth, the way technologies have advanced, it would be wrong to confine it to the above trait or feature. It has become a dragon that entails everything that befalls under a web-to-print domain. Right from conceptualizing the product and enabling your customers to designing it and obtaining the print ready file to printing it on the product exactly the way your customers want.

If you are an ecommerce store owner, there might be two scenarios. One, you have a product designer tool but it is outdated and isn’t generating a lot of sales for you. In case of which you might be planning to invest into another one. And two, you might not have it at all. In both the scenarios; if you are looking for a perfect tool, you must know about the features that the software must have. Let us look into it:

Mobile First

I guess the word says it all. Right from measuring our heartbeats to keeping the records of our whereabouts, mobile phones are our constant companions. This means that, as an ecommerce store owner, you have to provide your customers with the facility to design the products on their mobiles.

So, when you invest into a product designing software, you must ensure that it is mobile responsive. And not just mobile responsive, it should be able to work on the mobile first and prioritize other devices thereafter. Remember, desktop-based applications are now a passé.

Platform Independence

This is the second most important aspect of a web-to-print tools. Once recommended, the ecommerce business store owners rush to buy this software. And after integrating it with their website, they realize that it is creating hindrances to their purpose and is distorting their website design. This creates a lot of disappointment at later stages.

So, if/whenever you seek a designer tool for your products, you need to check its compatibility with your platform. Let’s say your website is based on Magento or WooCommerce platforms. In this case you would need a Product Designer Tool that works on one of these platforms. Apart from that, you can also find tools that work for Prestashop, Shopify etc.

Image Upload Facility

Quotes, texts, and clipart are not enough for customers who want to create t-shirts with their favorite memories engraved on it. Now, uploading image often becomes a constraint when your software doesn’t accept certain file types. And begins the saga of emailing your customers to send you the compatible file!

Ideally, you should choose a product designer tool that works across all file types and enable your customers to upload images from their devices. If your customers are avid social media users, why not provide them with the option of uploading pictures from their social media accounts including Facebook and Instagram? Social Media Upload is one of “must have” features for such tools today.

Freedom of Creativity

As an ecommerce store owner, there is a dire need to understand that customization and personalization are different. So, if you already have a product designing tool in place but it limits your users to design in a certain way, it won’t work. You need a tool that enables your customers to design at the best of their potential.

Your tool should provide features like object movement, layer management, freedom to design in multiple areas and more. Also, as and when your ecommerce store grows, you can add unique products with printable surfaces and help your customers to design on them with ease. A 360-degree product preview also works wonders as it gives a perfect idea to your customers as to what their product will look like.

Innovative Template Designs

Not everyone that comes on your e-store is good at designing! They will probably surf through your website and look for tools that can help their products look better. You can help them make their designs better by providing them with different template designs. In case you want templates that are specific to the products you sell, you can ask the company providing you with the designer tool to add them.

Once your customers create products using different templates, you can also display them on your e-store. By doing so, you can provide them with the inspiration and motivation to the other users. A clipart library with ample amount of clipart related to different themes will also make a huge difference to the final product designed by your users.


Investing in a product designing tool is a huge decision. A tool that has an amalgamation of all the above features would be the most desirable one. Make sure you buy the best one!

Pratik Shah

How Can Employing Web to Print Software Solutions Help You?

4 min read

The term ‘web-to-print software solutions’ was considered to be huge and outlandish some years ago. It still is, amongst the business owners who are unaware of the potential of web-to-print. However, after experiencing the benefit it renders, several business owners started embracing the technology. Even if it asked for them to understand the nuances of its working.

A print designer software entails several tools that enables the customers of website owners to upload their design, make use of different templates and mention about the kind of product they are willing to order. Web to print solutions are not only useful for professional printers but also for ecommerce store owners and their customers as they are efficient, easy to use and curb the production costs. Let’s have a glimpse of the ways in which you can make the most out of web2print solutions.

 Expand Your Reach

If you have a print designer tool integrated to your website, you can expand your reach and get in touch with the global audiences with ease. Your customers (no matter which country they belong to) can create their account, design customized products, and place an order with you. You can also provide the facility for your customers to get a preview of the product as to how they would look like before they place an order or make payments.

Search the market and you will also find platform independent and all-inclusive web to print solutions that come with databases which keep contact information of customers, history of orders, designs and more.

Streamline Your Workflow

Using a web-to-print ERP, you can set up an entire web-to-print program that can take care of your print production cycle. All you need to do is select some options from the menu and decide the flow of printing products, cards, calendars, brochures and more. Let’s say you are about to print a black design and the black cartridges get over.

 In such a case, a web-to-print software will directly place an order for your missing items and ensure that you get a delivery of it on time. And no last-minute glitches means, you can print more products in small amount of time. 

What Considerations You Should Make Before Investing into One?

Which is the first thing that comes to your mind when I use the word software? User-friendliness I suppose. Now, when we talk about web to print software solutions, the factor of user-friendliness applies to both; the backend as well as the front-end users. If you are a print shop owner and lack technical knowledge, you might find it difficult to traverse around complicated tools and menus. Hence, you must make sure that the software that you invest into comes with an easy to use interface.

Also, it should provide your customers with easy designing, navigation, and checkout facility. Another important consideration to make is whether or not the web2print software is compatible with your current website and you can integrate it without damaging your website. Ideally, you should search for a software which is platform independent and doesn’t affect your search engine rankings.

So, How Do You Benefit as a Print Shop?

Having an online print shop is the best way to go beyond your vicinities and reach more people. Also, the expenses incurred in setting up an online store are comparatively less than you would have to if you had a commercial brick and mortar store. Once you set up a web-to-print store and provide your customers with exactly what they want, there are more chances for your business to succeed.

Several researches have proved that customers are ready to pay any amount (shipping or otherwise) if they get exactly what they want.

There are several companies that provide the business owners with ready-to-sell web to print storefronts. All you need to do is strike a deal with them, explain your requirements and they will take care of everything from the scratch. Right from developing your website to implementing the working of your web-to-print shop.

In a Nutshell…

Web to Print Solutions are a great way to enhance the efficiency of your current e-store and provide your customers with a user-friendly e-store wherein they can get what they want. All you need to do is adapt to the technology and choose a cost-effective solution for your business.

Pratik Shah

Seven Quick Tips Regarding Magento Product Designer Tool

6 min read

The increasing trend of “customized products” have revolutionized the way Web to Print services were then offered. Today 99 out of 100 “giant” ecommerce stores offer “customized products”. With the technological advancement of printing industry, large businesses have been dominating the market by customizing pretty much everything.


Think of this for a moment. You are seeking to buy a mug for your little one. There are two options in front of you, you can either go and buy a mug with a random cartoon on it (which might look quite scary) or you can buy a “customized mug” with one of your most cherished memory on it, what would you prefer? If I were you, I would prefer the later option.


Web to Print industry is revolutionizing the market radically. The web-to-print market is projected to reach US$ 1.3 billion by 2022 globally. With more and more ecommerce stores emerging online, popularity of diversified ecommerce solutions is also increasing.


Magento is one from the many ecommerce solutions available out there in the market. With over $155 billion in gross merchandise volume transacted on the platform annually, Magento is one of the most popular ecommerce platforms available in the market.


With the increasing popularity of Magento, its extensions are getting popular. One of the most popular extension is “Magento product designer tool”. It can help large e-store owners to enable their customers to customize pretty much everything that they might be seeking to purchase. This gives them ultimate power to design and customize any product before they actually purchase it.


As important it is to possess a Magento product designer tool, so is to do a thorough research about it before actually purchasing it to see if that is what your business actually needs. Here are some of the things that you should check before purchasing the Magento web to print tool for your e-store:



Security is the most important aspect that you should consider before integrating any extension to your Magento e-store. In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to remember the old adage, “Everything that shines, isn’t gold.” There are multiple sites from where you can find some premium Magento extensions for free. However, it is not at all recommended to use any free premium extension as it is more likely to be a “malware” which can eat your entire store. And that would not be a pleasant experience at all for any ecommerce store owner. Hence, it is best to use premium or free extensions from authentic sources.


Over all UX:

While integrating a designer tool, it is very critical to keep the UX intact. Make sure that the extension you are integrating to your website does not, in any ways, affect the overall UX. It should look and feel great on your website. The design tool must feel and look like it is a part of the website and not something that you have externally integrated.


Page Load Time:

How can we miss this? No one likes to sit in front of an “ever-loading” website. It doesn’t really matter how great your design tool looks or feels like, but if it fails to load in the first 5 seconds, all your designing efforts are in vain. Your product design tool should be lite enough to deliver better speed and awesome UX.



What to do with a tool which only works on a desktop? Honestly, you won’t be able to address much of your audience. As most of your audience use mobile devices to access your website, you must have a Responsive product designer tool for Magento. And if your product design tool isn’t responsive enough to serve them well, it’s probably of no use at all.



Scalability is the ability of a program to scale. The product design tool has so many tasks to handle at one go. So, it is very important that it should be efficient enough to handle the heavy load of information data that comes on its way. Not only that, scalability means to work optimally utilizing the least resources possible.



No matter how sustainable the plugin might be, there will be a day in a year when things might not work as they are supposed to. May be a time when you accidentally ran into a problem or mistakenly mess something up – what would you do then? Thus, you must ensure that the company from where you are purchasing the plugin is reliable, and how eager they are to help you out when you run into a problem.


Frequency of Product Updates and Bug Fixes:

Today, online market in growing in leaps and bounds. The popular adage puts it right, “If you are not growing, you certainly are dying.” There’s no such thing as “stillness” if you are seeking to dominate the market. Even stagnant water stinks, so can your product design tool, if it does not receive regular updates. So, matter of the fact is, anything gets outdated, if it does not receive regular updates! So, while you are purchasing your product design tool, make sure you are going to get regular updates and bug fixes. Eventually, this will enhance the overall UX.


Final words, so I’m done with my check-list and the things that you should consider before purchasing a product designer tool for your e-store. Before you buy a product designer tool for your webstore, I would recommend to make sure it is safe, beautiful, optimized, responsive, and sustainable. Furthermore, you must check whether it is well-maintained or not, and also there will be someone to help you when you run into any trouble. That way you will end up with an amazing product design tool that will invariably help your business to reach the next level it is seeking for.

Pratik Shah

What Are the Best Approaches to Selling T-shirts Online?

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It isn’t a surprise as to how everyone can easily design one’s apparel today. T-shirt enthusiasts are always on a look out for online t-shirt store that can provide them with t-shirts that match their persona and choices. They can create designs on an e-stores that enable them to upload their designs and give it to the print-on-demand retailers who dropship the orders thereafter.

If you are planning to move your t-shirt store online, there are several platforms you can choose from including Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and Prestashop. However, that alone will not suffice. You need to integrate a t-shirt design software that can be integrated with your platform. Using it, your customers can design the t-shirts that have their favorite logo, quote and designs.

Through today’s article, we will talk about the different approaches you can take up for selling t-shirts online. It will help you decide the way that suits you the best and how you can make the most out of the lucrative t-shirt selling market.

Sell Through T-shirt Sale Websites

The first and the simplest approach to sell t-shirts. There are many t-shirt printing marketplaces that enable you to create an account on their store and add your t-shirt designs. Thereafter, whenever someone places an order, they get it printed and ship it to your customers. They give you the cut of profits which you can set when are creating your tee. If you are a newfangled entrepreneur and want to see how your t-shirts sell before you set up a full-fledged store, it is a good way to start.

Sell via Drop Ship through Print-on-Demand Vendor

This again is an easy way to sell t-shirts online. Through this option, you can have your own brand with the t-shirt that your can sell and market online. However, you do not need to have the printing facility. You can take help from a print-on-demand vendor who can print the customized t-shirts of your customers and ship it to them. Some of them also make use of t-shirt design software that easily integrates with your website and helps you enlist the sale of t-shirts. Once they make a sale of your t-shirts, they route the orders to your POD vendor who can print and ship t-shirts to your customers and bill you the wholesale cost.

Sell, Print, and Ship Yourself

Last but not the least, this is the most widely embraced option. Majorly because it gives a lot of freedom to the online t-shirt vendors to sell the way they want. It also asks for skills and knowledge to sell customized t-shirts online. In case you do not have the required technical knowledge to set up a store, there are companies that provide the e-store owners with ready to sell web to print stores. They create your website from the scratch, add products and integrate a t-shirt design software with your website. Thereafter, you can just start selling. But if you choose this option and lack technical knowledge, you must ensure that its backend is easy to operate.

You can launch a simple ecommerce website and start selling t-shirts that you print and ship to your customers. The best way to boost your business and make your brand well-known amongst t-shirt vendors is to provide your customers with a tool to design their own t-shirts through your website.

So, Which Option Should I Go for?

There are several factors you need to consider before choosing the right option for you. In case you choose to sell through other website, you need to find out what t-shirt sales sites cost. Some of them enable you to set up a free account, upload your t-shirts and sell them. Not just that, they also pay for the t-shirts that they sell for you. If you go for this option, you might have to spend on advertising your tees on social media platforms like Facebook.

The Wrap…

As today’s digital marketplace is flooding with several t-shirt sellers, it is imperative to stand out from your competitors. You need to ensure that you come up with a unique t-shirt design store and market your brand well on social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. We wish you the best!

Pratik Shah

Brush Your Ideas Storefront Solutions: A Perfect Recipe for StartUps

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There is a huge pool of ecommerce websites out there. If you are planning to launch one, you need to be attentive towards certain aspects. This is because, the success of your e-store depends on how you launch it. If you are a startup, you might not be able to take data related decisions. To help you, we have come up with a guideline to help you manage the launch. So, let’s dive in without a further ado.

A Good-Looking Website Is Not Enough

Before you start with your new business, you must have a business model in place. This is because, you are venturing into a well-established ecommerce market. Also, think about this. Why should customers buy from you and not from a brand they are acquainted with? How would you ensure that there is enough traffic on your website?

You must have a marketing strategy in place. Now, talking about marketing strategies, you might say, “I will start offering coupons, giveaways, and discounts.” Well, everybody does that. So, what makes you stand out from others?

Think about web-to-print. With the help web to print technology, you can offer products that your customers would die to have. And of course, create a stir in the market for the unique products that you offer.

A Web to Print Storefront

If you are a start up and lack the technical knowledge needed to have a website that works on web-to-print technology, you can strike a deal with a company that can set the entire storefront up for you.

Enter Brush Your Ideas – a company that can take care of your requirements and provide you with a solution suitable to your business. There’s one more solution that we have added as the part of Web2Print Storefront: B2C Standard solution for W2P.

This means, we have looked into everything right from site development, W2P integration, as well as the marketing aspects. Given below are some of the features we consider:

Elements for Your Web to Print Storefront

As we have built this solution using Magento Community edition, it takes care of the fact that your solution remains secure and can take high amount of traffic. If you think that Magento can get difficult to operate, we also provide web to print solutions. So, your demands of being able to handle the generic maintenance and maintenance can be looked into.

Magento Product Design Tool

The Brush Your Ideas Design Tool is available with 3 plans. It is up to you to choose the plan that adheres to your requirements and is within your budget. Depending upon the plans, the difference that you need to pay is the fraction of $100 per month. Make sure you get in touch with our experts and get a personalized demo to know about the features in all the 3 plans.

What About the Pricing?

The installation cost for Hosted Web to Print Storefront (B2C Plan) is $299. Depending on the type of Magento Product Design Tool of your choice, the price can vary from $99 to $249 per month. No hidden
costs involved.

Do I have other options?

There are two scenarios when it comes to starting a W2P business. One, you already have a website. And two, you do not have any. If you have a website, you can consider integrating our Magento Product Design Tool. Otherwise, we set up a web-to-print store for you from the scratch. What do you prefer?

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