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Mr. Pratik Shah is Digital Marketing Manager at Brush Your Ideas, a Web-to-Print technology solution offering consisting of Magento product designer extension and readymade Web-to-Print Magento Store.

Pratik Shah

4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Custom T-Shirts

4 min read


Growing your t-shirt business can be a mountain to climb. Whether starting it from scratch or doing it for years, it will take time, money, and loads of effort. No one wants to waste either of resources.


Apart from that, the fear of failure holds people back. However, don’t let your fear paralyze you from taking the necessary steps. If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to try the things you have never done to accomplish goals.


Here the t-shirts customization comes into the picture. T-shirts customization means you are offering t-shirts according to the requirements of your customers. So without any further ado, let’s discuss why you should sell custom t-shirts. 


Why You Should Strive to Sell the Customized T-shirt?


Lets You Stand Out From the Competitors


Assume two online stores in the town. One store sells pre-designed t-shirts, and the other one lets the customer design their t-shirt.  The majority of the customers will go for the second option. On average, 36% of customers expressed an interest in buying personalized products & services. 


So you see, if you offer the customization service, you have more chances to convert your potential lead into paying customer. As you are offering the customization service, it will automatically keep you ahead of the competition.


So instead of walking the crowded path, walk at the uncommon path to achieve success. 


Demand for Custom T-shirts Is Increasing


There has been a massive demand for a t-shirt with slogans or movie logos, games, and TV series printed on it for the past few years. According to the research, the global custom t-shirt printing industry was valued at 3.64 billion USD in 2020. The industry will expand at the compound annual growth rate of 9.7% from 2021 to 2028. 


Due to such huge demand, companies use t-shirt as a part of their branding strategy to increase brand visibility and for grabbing people’s attention. T-shirt also plays a vital role in creating the social awareness, raising a voice which positively influences the market growth. 


Increases Your Sales and Profit


According to Harvard Business Review, when customers can customize their products, they buy more and probably recommend the brand to their friends. So, you can simply offer a customized product to boost your sales.


Adding further, customized products doesn’t just help increase sales; it also keeps the customers satisfied. A report by Deloitte states that customers are willing to pay 20% more for the personalized product.


So, the business can charge more for the customized products and enjoy more profits. 


Your Audience Can be Your Brand Ambassadors


In customization, you are letting your customers carve their product. This freedom to design will satisfy every customer’s need. Mark my words, fulfilling the need of the majority of your customers will turn them loyal to your brand.


Moreover, customers tend to share what they like with their near and dear ones. This makes your customer loyal and fruitful to your business as they can be your walking brand ambassadors. 


Solution You Can Use to Sell Custom T-shirts


After discussing the above advantages, now you might be having a question - “how you can sell the custom t-shirts?”. The answer is web to print solution.  It will automate every process right from customizing the product, maintaining the workflow, and scheduling its delivery. It also comes with the inbuilt t-shirt design tool with which your customers can design the t-shirt. 




If you have what customers want then it will attract them towards you. Nowadays, the best way to attract is custom t-shirts. So, give them the power to show their creativity and in this journey solution like a t-shirt design tool can be your helping hand. All you need is just to take the first step to level up your business. 

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Pratik Shah

Why Should You Integrate Product Designer Tool to Your Storefront?

4 min read


Personalized products have a special place in the hearts of the customers. Today, people love buying customized stuff, be it a phone case, t-shirt, mug, pen, or anything. Are you also one of the merchants who sell the customized products through their eCommerce store? If yes, then you will be relieved to know that all your worries related to product design are soon going to end. How?

Well, today we have WooCommerce product designer tools and Shopify product designer tools, that will help the customers in customizing the product as they want. This eventually reduces the trial-and-error situations. Still, confused? Well, let’s start with understanding a bit about the product designer tool.

What is a Product Designer Tool?

A product designer tool is a blessing for all the merchants selling customized or personalized products. It is incorporated with a huge library having various colors, patterns, cliparts, texts, etc. With its help, customers can design the product as per their needs and also view the real-life version of the product.

This is the simple definition of a product designer tool. Now, to help you with the decision making let me explain to you why to integrate one for your storefront.

Why Opt for the Product Designer Tool?

Here are the four reasons why it is essential to integrate the product designer tool into your storefront:

1. Keeping Up with the Competition

One way to stay ahead in the competitive market is by adapting to the change. As said, today people want personalization in almost everything they buy or use. You need to have a strong strategy to sell your products or services in the competitive market. The product designer tool helps you by letting the customer create the design they want.

2. Trial-and-Error Free Order Completion

With the help of the WooCommerce or Shopify product designer tool integrated into your webstore, there will be little to no error in the shipped product. How many times did you have to redesign the product, just because it wasn’t up to the customer’s expectations? Many times, right? This is the issue that a product designer tool solves.

A product designer tool will lessen your burden of redesigning too. When you create a sample design as per the instructions given via call or mail, there are chances the customer won’t be satisfied with it. As a result you have to redesign it.

However, with the help of a product designer tool customers can create the design they want using the different elements from the library, or even add other elements from their end. Hence, you will have trial-and-error free order completion as customers are designing the product on their own.

3. Customer Satisfaction

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all” - Michael LeBoeuf.

The above quote explains the importance of customer satisfaction, it is a key factor that generates sales and high profit. The integration of a product designer tool will provide full access to the customer to design the product as per their needs. With this, they won’t worry about the accuracy of the final product, which will eventually lead to customer satisfaction.

4. Higher Sales and Profit

When you have highly satisfied customers and keep up with the competition, no one can stop you from having sky-rocketing sales. The happy customers will become your permanent ones and also spread the word about your services. It will eventually result in soaring profit and sales.


Shopify and WooCommerce product designer tools are changing the storyline of online businesses today. As people love buying unique and personalized products that can fulfill their desires. As a business owner, incorporating a product designer tool is the best and cost-effective way that will lead you to customer satisfaction and sky-high sales & profit.


Pratik Shah

Sell More T-shirts Like a Pro with T-shirt Design Software

4 min read

You might have the most well-designed website and the best quality t-shirts, but your sales are really struggling.

Seems relatable? 

Well, the online t-shirt market is competitive. Taking over the competition is a major challenge for t-shirt business owners. 

In such a scenario, customizable t-shirts are a great way to drive more customers to your store and grow your business. 

By integrating t-shirt design software on your website, you can enable shoppers to customize their t-shirts.

This post talks about everything you need to know about how t-shirt design software can benefit your business. 

Enables You to Cater to the Trend of Customization

Customers no longer want off-the-shelf t-shirts. They expect brands to deliver tees tailored to their needs and preferences. 

They are even willing to pay more for products with their favorite movie dialogues, quotes, personal images printed, etc. 

Statistics are proof that this trend of customization is not going away anytime soon. 

According to Grandview Research, the global custom t-shirt printing market will likely expand at a CAGR of 9.7% from 2021 to 2018.  

Therefore, start-ups to big brands are enabling customization on stores to increase sales. 

For instance, Spreadshirt is a well-known eCommerce company for custom t-shirts and clothing. Using a product customization tool, shoppers can make their own t-shirt designs by adding text, images, and more.

(Spreadshirt selling custom t-shirts using a t-shirt design software)


Offer T-shirt Designs That Customers Love

T-shirt design trends never remain consistent. They change with seasons, customer demands, social or political movements, etc. 

Earlier t-shirt designs included Disney prints, band logos, quotes, etc. The latest trends include bold images, artwork, animated graphics, and more. 

There is a store on Etsy - SimpleTop that offers beautiful t-shirt designs like an art drawing of jellyfish, The Great Wave, etc.

(The demand for unique t-shirt designs)

T-shirt businesses need great designs that make sales. But finding such creative designs that are adaptive to changing needs is a difficult task. 

That’s when a web to print software helps. It is equipped with features like artwork management, pre-loaded templates, etc. 

Store Owners can upload artwork and designs in the tool and assign them to single or multiple products. 

That way, you can create ready-to-sell products for end customers. Once they choose an artwork, they can make further customizations as per their requirements. 

Build a Customer Base That is Happy to Promote Your Brand

When you offer products tailored specifically for a customer, they feel happy and satisfied. Such customers are likely to become advocates for your brand.

They recommend your business more often, and such word-of-mouth marketing helps you increase sales without spending too much on paid ads. 

‘With word of mouth strategy, your brand encourages customers to share about their positive experience with a product or service. Because people trust those close to them, they might trust the product recommendation or purchase the product.’ - HubSpot.

You can encourage customers to share their custom designs on social media platforms. It is a good way to create a buzz about your business and attract potential customers to your store. 

Wrapping Up

Driving more shoppers to your store is difficult with more businesses joining the online landscape and customers' ever-growing expectations. 

And what’s tougher is to convince them to choose you over your competitors. A T-shirt Design Software gives you that competitive edge by enabling customization in your store.  

I hope this post has answered all your queries about why a web to print software can benefit your online t-shirt business. 


Pratik Shah

Stick It Right: Things to Know Before Starting a Sticker Making Business

9 min read


This is John Fischer, founder of StickerGiant with Saul the Sticker Ball — a 232 pound largest ball entirely made of stickers lying around the office of his company. It holds a Guinness World Record for being the largest ball of its kind.

Behind this record, lies a successful enterprise Sticker Giant. It provides custom stickers and labels for some 30,000 companies including Apple, Google, and NASA. As of now, this company has more than 80 employees and revenue of $21 million.

Looks pretty profitable right? Moreover, the rapid growth of digital print technology has led to a growth in the print label market. As per latest research, the market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% from 2021 to 2026.

So, how can you start a sticker making business and achieve milestones like StickerGiant?

Keep the Purpose Alive

For anyone in the Sticker making business, it is important to understand that “Stickers are not just for fun, they are also important for companies to label products or act as promotional items. Hence, if you see, the opportunity market is pretty wide. When Fischer decided to get serious about the business, in 2006, he pivoted his online store into a custom printing company to offer decals and labels for various organizations and products.

“Once an online sticker retailer, after pivoting to custom printing in 2008 finally opened up the business to a slew of new B2B clients. Now the whole retail part of the company is gone,” says Fischer.

Mission Matters

Did you decide to delve into the sticker making business based on a friend’s suggestion? Or was it always on your mind? Would you be pursuing it part time or work full-time towards growing it? You must have clear answers to the above questions before you start your sticker business. Although sticker business sounds fun, there are several nuances you might have to look into including selling, distribution, marketing, profitability etc.

For example, two entrepreneurs, fond of ocean lifestyle, had a tattoo of “Salt Life” engraved on their necks. They gradually became popular and created sticker and t-shirt merchandise out of it. The brand went on to become huge with more than 600 retailers worldwide. Which proves that if you have the willingness to grow your business and make it big, you definitely can.

Fischer from StickerGiant says “The idea behind StickerGiant was the ‘Amazon of stickers.’ To turn that concept a reality, he decided to source stickers from all over the internet and sell them on his site. However, after coming across the untapped potential of Custom Sticker Printing, he partnered up with drop-ship printers, brought printing equipment, built a team and after a lot of smart work, they reached the $3 million milestone.

Set up your stick store with an added USP of custom stickers for more customer engagement and great sales. With Brush Your Ideas sticker design software, your customers can create sticker designs using a variety of features like add text, cliparts, upload image, image filters, and more.

Our sticker making software is fully mobile responsive and fully integrable on any eCommerce platform. It gives you complete freedom to create a custom UI, set custom pricing, and control where your customers can design.

Integrate magento sticker design software to enable customization on your store. Checkout the link below.

Type of Stickers you could offer

As the next step, you must have clarity as to what kind of stickers you are willing to sell. Do you want to go with the regular ones available in the market? Or do you want to design unique ones?

You can also provide your customers with sticker making software and let them create stickers on their own. Some start with the vinyl sticker business and provide vinyl decal designs to their customers

Here are the most trending stickers that you can consider:

Logo Stickers:

Turn the logo into a custom sticker to make a lasting impression of the brand. These can be handed over to customers as giveaways or can be stuck over things like cars, laptops, etc. for promotion. You can cut even the most intricate patterns and internal cuts on vinyl material in any shape and size.

An example of custom logo stickers by Sticker Mule.

Clear Stickers:

Water and oil resistant stickers are widely used to promote business, window signage, or big events. Mostly printed on premium weatherproof vinyl, clear stickers can be die cut in any shape and can be UV coated to give more abrasion resistance.

A sticker making brand that provides scratch- and weather-proof custom stickers and labels is Sticker App. Other than clear stickers, the company also offers vinyl stickers, mirror stickers, matte stickers, and more.

Minimalist Stickers:

Minimalist or abstract sticker design is a growing trend. Businesses are considering minimalism for their logo, cards, and print labels. Minimalist stickers are simple yet powerful. These stickers are perfect for laptops, phone cases, guitars, refrigerators, journals, etc.

Die Cut Stickers:

These are precisely cut to the shape of your design and can be adhered to any smooth surface, indoors or outside. You can offer them in any size, shape and quantity. Die cut stickers are scratch, moisture and sunlight resistant.

The stickers offer endless customization possibilities, thereby you can include them in your offerings as they are suitable for business promotions as well as for personal branding. Here’s how Die cut stickers look.

Stickers in Vivid Colors:

Another type of sticker that you can consider is stickers with designs and bright or multiple colors. These stickers never go out of style. Here’s a sticker with a hand-horn style that creates an amazing visual effect.

Photo Stickers:

Customers can turn their favorite photos into stickers and use them for promotional activities. Most photo stickers are made with vinyl material, and can be pasted on mugs, wine bottles, lockers, laptops, the fridge, envelopes for invitations, etc. Additionally, they stick strong but remove clean, hence, can be one of the points to attract your customers.

Bumper Stickers:

These are used to convey a message to a large number of people. Made of waterproof vinyl, every bumper sticker can be printed in full.

Also, you must decide what is the kind of audience you want to sell stickers to. You can choose to sell them to both; other businesses as well as individuals. The best way of making profits is to enable businesses to create customized sticker sheets and sell them at wholesale prices. If the buyers find your work consistent, they are sure to come back to you.

Buy Equipment or Outsource Printing

Well, it is always possible to buy some papers and print die cut labels using a basic printer. However, if you want better quality stickers, it is advisable to create a sticker design studio that sells durable and superior quality stickers. To make your online studio unique and stand out from competitors, you must consider integrating a sticker making software to your website. Make sure that it is compatible with your website platform.

Thereafter, you would need to invest into a digital print and cut printer which might cost you a certain thousand dollars. You would also need to invest into special stationery, protective sprays and colors. If you find it difficult to cope with large scale production, you can choose to outsource printing to another company. But before doing so, it is advisable to check out some of their prototypes and digitally printed samples. The quality and style of the production will give you more idea as to whether or not you want to outsource.

Talk with our industry experts to know more about how you can set up your sticker store in your budget.

Reaching the Target Audience

There are several ways in which you can let the customers know about an upcoming market place for stickers. Apart from the search engine optimization activities to boost your website rankings, you can organize trade shows or create small retail outlets. As there are several businesses that are into selling customized stickers online, you can conduct some research and find out how you can stand out and be different in order to connect with your target audience.

During the initial days of your business, you can also consider creating a cost-effective sticker product and give it away for free. If people like the kind of message your stickers give or the graphics of the sticker, they are sure to approach you. Thereafter, you can know about their requirements and provide them with some samples. It is sure to get you more and better business.

Checkout these tips that will help you market your sticker making business.

How do I Ensure Success of My Sticker Business?

It’s a tricky question. Majorly, because it is hard to define success in a sticker making business. Some customers might order 500 stickers for a small event and others might order thousands of them on a regular basis. In the year 2007, someone named Elliott Nachwalter designed a sticker that displayed ‘1.20.09’. – Last day of president’s Bush’s reign in the White House. It started selling like hot cakes and he made $1 million out of these stickers.

Fischer’s strategy for snagging new customers is based on word of mouth and collecting customer feedback. “If we can keep our (net promoter) scores really high and acquire customers at a fast pace, it leads to growth,” he says. “It all feeds itself—if you produce a good product and you take care of people, then they recommend you to their friends.”

So, you never know what might click. Sometimes, you might have to work on instincts. Be as creative as you can and keep enhancing your business and products as and when you grow. Research online, seek advice from experts and friends, learn more about the sticker making business, find out how designers make them. You are sure to get better results.

Stickers are a lot of fun when it comes to making money. But, you must know the right way to go about it. We hope this article will help you fulfill your dreams well!


Pratik Shah

Benefits of Providing Uniforms to your Employees

5 min read


Providing employees with uniforms brings many benefits to your business. For instance:


  • It promotes your business
  • Helps in meeting health and safety requirements
  • Encourages the team spirit
  • Reinforces branding


Like casual wear, customized uniforms are also marking their impact in the business market.


While providing your employees with the uniform, it is advisable to go for custom-made. When people read 'custom made,' their subconscious starts to think of something expensive or unnecessary, especially for uniforms. But the facts are that custom-made uniforms cover a wide range of apparel that one can customize according to requirements. These include everything from sports to school/colleges, blue-collar workers, and even hospitality workers.


Uniform design software serves these demands of the companies in an outstanding manner. It allows you to design your company's uniform using different fonts, clip-arts, colors, and whatnot?


You can even have different shirts for weekends or sports days. For this, you can use a t-shirt design tool to design a weekend uniform.


Here are few reasons in the form of advantages of why you should install uniform designer software:


  • Offers Better Fitting


Fitting is an essential aspect of any cloth, and when it comes to uniforms, fitting becomes a necessity. If a crisp formal shirt or polo shirt is not in their desired fit, then the whole outlook will reflect informality. And this will indeed affect your company’s impression. Here, custom-made clothing can help you. It’s well-adjusted according to your employee’s measurements providing enough ease and comfort.


  • Uses Quality Materials


You should never compromise on the quality, especially when it comes to uniforms because one has to work in those clothes the whole day. But sadly, quality is not a priority most of the time when you choose random retailers. They don't consider details as necessary as the custom one does. Custom tailors value precision. They check for the correct number of stitches per inch. This keeps the fabric durable.


And the main questions you are torching reasons for- Why should I provide uniforms to my employees? And how does it affect the company’s growth? Here are some benefits to answer your questions:


  • Providing Work Uniforms Promotes a Safer Work Environment


Providing employees with garments that suit their daily tasks promotes a safe and comfortable work environment.


Points to make sure while deciding an employee’s uniform to create and maintain a quality work environment:


  1. Employees should have industry-required personal protective equipment (PPE) workwear
  2. The uniforms should not restrict them from doing their job
  3. The colors and pattern should match the aim of your business
  4. Should have pockets and necessary air circulation spaces


  • Uniforms as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


While some industries require specific safety regulations regarding uniforms, which you should already be following anyway, you can also provide employees with extra protection, which is not required but will surely be appreciated.


For example, maintenance workers- extra padding for kneeling can go a long way. The same way for lab workers- snap front buttons can make removing a lab coat a lot easier in any case of a chemical spill.


  • Uniforms are Equal to Comfort


Is your work environment consistently cold or hot? Especially for workers staying exposed to the elements all day or working on the field continuously, breathable or insulated workwear can make a big difference. Go for breathable materials for hot environments or the one which has additional layers for cold ones. You will witness efficiency with better work quality if provided the comfort of wearable while working.


  • Work Quality and Team Unity


Promoting a fair and equal environment in the workplace is vital to secure employees' trust and efficiency for your company. Having a uniform makes the workers feel having the same advantages and benefits as the next. This promotes a harmonious atmosphere in the office. The T-shirt design tool also allows you to make a quality choice.


  • Work Equality from Uniforms


When there is an equality of uniform at the workplace, there is no expectation for employees to look particular. No compulsion to buy a certain quality of clothing or PPE can be a huge stress-saver for someone.


All employees will equally have the same uniform according to their departments that provide them with the necessities to do their everyday tasks safely and comfortably. This equality also promotes team unity.


  • Reduced Costs of Workwear


By providing work uniforms to your employees, you can take the burden away by:


  • Buying New Clothes


If your company provides work uniforms, employees can do direct savings by not buying additional clothes for work. This way, your employees can benefit from free clothing while you can get the benefit of creating a professional-looking team for your company.


  • Maintaining Clothes


Make sure your uniform rental vendor is willing to help with size adjustments. Don’t burden employees about having to buy multiple shirts or pants in case of their weight fluctuations. The vendor should also provide maintenance to damaged uniforms. This helps to cut down the costs of buying entirely new ones. Using a uniform rental service that includes cleaning will save money and save one from the hassle of cleaning uniforms.


Providing work uniforms results in serving benefits to employees and adds a professionalism touch to the company’s image.


The overall benefits include:     


  1. Providing a Safer Work Environment
  2. Enhance Work Equality
  3. Initiates Team Unity
  4. Reduces Costs of Workwear




Uniforms are considered as the identity of any company just like it’s logo. Thus, providing a uniform to your employees is necessary for stamping your company’s unique mark in the market and fulfilling your employees basic work apparel needs.


Pratik Shah

5 Steps To Make Your Ecommerce Shop Stand Out

6 min read


Online shopping has simplified our lives. Not only can we order the things at the doorstep, but we can also view a range of products at our fingertips. We also personalize the products in the way we want. Today. there’s no limit to products and preferences. As fascinating as this online adventure sounds, it also makes owning an eCommerce store challenging. The market is saturated. Both: online shoppers and businesses keep looking for a more personal touch, such as provided by a web to print storefront software.


A personalized touch is one way to draw more customers. This post contains 5 tips you need to make your eCommerce store more competitive.


  • Step into Customized Product Offerings


What does an eCommerce store do? It merely shows products, allows online purchasing and delivery. This is normal in the digital era. An online customized products store can make it different. You can provide customers with custom products and printing services. Besides, an integrated product design tool can make the products one-of-a-kind. After all, it’s the customers who create their own products.


When you have web2print store software, you can interact with your customers at a high level. For instance, on the checkout page, you can provide them with options to add comments regarding the products they designed. This way, you can understand their specific requirements. If there are any changes required in the design, they can re-design it. For any flaws or loopholes in the designed file, you can send them an email about it.


With this two-way conversation, you and your customers can stay on the same page. Further, it will make your customers feel special.

  • Keep Your Offering Apt for Everyone

To gain popularity, you need to provide your customers with cool products. Everyone says,” Research and provide products that your customers are looking for. Make sure they are different from others.” But what no one tells you is what you should sell.


You keep thinking if you should sell apparel, shoes, stationery, or something else? With web to print storefront, even the sky is not the limit. Instead of thinking of one kind, you can sell all the products that have a printable surface. They can be apparel, shoes, mugs, pen drives, cards, pillow covers, gifts, signs, posters, stationery, and more.


Everything can be quirky, funny, inspirational, and unique.


A storefront with a product design tool will make sure of it. In addition, you don’t need to worry about handling all the orders and products. If your eCommerce can manage millions of products of one kind, it definitely can handle variety too. If you add web to print software, it comes with a web to print ERP solutions that manages all the operations. So, don’t waste your time thinking about what and how. Simply start selling everything.


  • Offer Faster Turnaround Times


How fast you can deliver defines how many orders you will receive.


Once customers order the products, they can hardly wait for delivery. In fact, in Amazon’s “one-hour delivery” era, it’s necessary to be super fast. So, make sure to provide your customers with estimated delivery dates, flexibility to choose dates, and customization options.


Also, allow customers to add notes, comments, and instructions for delivery. If possible, provide same-day delivery services. To manage all these delivery activities, you can add an extension to your eCommerce store or bring in an all-inclusive web to print storefront. With deliveries on time, you can handle order management and serve more in less time.


For better customer service, offer multiple payment options. Allow them to pay via PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Stripe, and other credit and debit cards. Loyalty programs on online payment and purchase limits can further add up the sales.


  • Create a Lasting Impression


“The first impression is the last impression.” We often hear this from everyone around us. If it’s a brick and mortar shop, interior designers guide in designing the shop layout conveniently. Similarly, you should design your online store in a way that appeals to customers. It should be easy for them to view, surf, purchase, and perform other website activities. The navigation should be smooth. There should be clear buttons for particular actions.


Your store should resemble your brand and the products you sell. Because it would help target 93% of shoppers, for whom visual appearance matters more while shopping.


While designing, look out for those tiny elements: logo, color, white space, proper arrangement, product listing style, header, footer, and everything in between. Make sure to use customizable themes. They will allow you to customize the home screen and entire layout anytime.


A web to print storefront will enable you to customize everything with simple drag and drop. You can add custom CMS pages to provide quality content, themes, and templates to change the feel and look of the store, etc.

  • Thrive for Better Reach


SEO is one of the key aspects when you’re leveling up your eCommerce store. No SEO can result in no customers. And this is why businesses should leverage SEO.


While you host your website, make sure to include meta description and relevant keywords. Add proper product description so that search engines can know what the product is and help customers looking for it. The better you will optimize your website, the more are the chances of ranking on the first page.


For example, you sell custom greeting cards, and someone is looking to buy one. If your eCommerce store is well optimized, there are higher chances of your greeting card and store being visible. Google or Bing searches would show your products or your store on the top.


This is what your goal should be if you want to thrive in business.


You can also bring in a marketing team to improve your SEO. They would help you with campaigns, on-page optimization, and other relevant stuff to build brand credibility and reach a wider audience.


Get a Competitive Edge


Going online gives you immense opportunities to expand your business. And yet, it brings in challenges and competition. Following the tips mentioned above can give you a competitive edge. So, explore, experiment, and expand.


Make the web to print storefront software a part of your journey. Remember, customers are looking out for businesses that can provide quality products and services as you do.




Pratik Shah

How to Choose a Web to Print Storefront?

5 min read


If you're looking for a web to print storefront, you must first be clear with your business requirements and the tools available in the market. We shall discuss it in detail.

However, the point here is that only when you're aware of the web to print solutions you can decide which would be compatible with your platform. See, we know the importance of product personalization and digitalization in today's era. A full-fledged store can help customers customize their designs and send out prints within minutes or hours. You can fulfill all the orders on time. There's a lot more to the web to print technology.

But just because it's a necessity doesn't mean you should go for the one you find first. You need to ask a few questions: Does the software work seamlessly with the platform? Is it compatible with my current workflow? Does the product design tool help with designs and get prints ready?

If the answer is yes, then move ahead. If it's no, then stop. Reanalyze, discuss, and then take a step.

Meanwhile, read this article. Here we've discussed a few steps that can help you on your journey.

  • Know your Requirements

As we discussed, web2print has different uses. You must know the role you want the software to play for your business. Whether you want the solution to help your customers design other products, you want to handle the printing orders or enable you to print.

  1. Therefore, while researching, keep the three parameters in mind:
  2. the purpose of establishing a storefront
  3. features that the solution provides

3.       whether the developer can customize the store according to your requirements

List down everything and discuss it with your solution provider. Ask about features and customization. It will help you be on the right path.

  • Learn about Different Web to Print Solutions

This step is part of the research, but it's necessary to emphasize it. Because we come to a conclusion based on 2-3 options that we explore. And often, we regret it later. Therefore, to avoid this in later stages, you must learn about the web to print solutions: what they are, what features they have, different platforms they are compatible with, and so on.

It's like how your customers look at your business - What kind of products do they provide? What are the delivery options?

The idea here is to learn, list down the best ones (you find compatible), and talk to the solution providers. (Unless you have shortened 100 solution providers and are planning to speak to all of them.)

  • Ask for Explanation and Diagrams

Approach a web to print storefront provider, and they would talk about their print solution, print production workflow, features, web to print ERP, print MIS, CRM, and more. And there you're nodding with a smile, a continuous yes for every feature that developers talk about.

Of course, words do mean something, but sometimes you need action to understand them.

In this scenario, the action would be to ask developers about the flowcharts and a demo to explain the functioning. You're investing your time and money, and you must know how the tool works. If I said, "Buy this solution. It has all the features. It would triple your sales." Would you believe me? No, unless you see the results.

  • List Down your Queries

It's generally after post-installation that the setbacks arrive. You have questions; you are facing roadblocks while implementing the tool with the website. Asking providers for help is out of the league.  Overall, you’re stuck, and you don’t know how to get out of it.

If you don’t want this situation to arrive, think about all the challenges you might face and list them according to priority.

When you sit down with your provider, know about the solution. Share your concerns, and ask about suitable options. Even if they don't have a ready answer, this approach will help you both in the journey.

  • Ask for Customization

The fact is that one size doesn't fit all. So, whether your website platform is Magento, Shopify, or WordPress, your solution provider must be open to customization. They must even build the tool from scratch if required.

Also, ensure that the web2print storefront is compatible with different platforms. If not, make sure that the developer is ready to move accordingly.

Along with these, consider the future scope and marketing of your business too. Try to know if your web to print storefront is dynamic and flexible to adapt to the latest trends.

Summing Up

The Web to print solutions is considered best for increasing revenue. Therefore, choosing the right one is imperative.

Try to follow these steps. They won’t guarantee you the right solution. However, they can lead you in the right direction. For example, you won't miss asking whether they would provide the domain name and server for hosting, offer different templates, or so on.


Pratik Shah

T-Shirt Design Trends in 2021-22: How Many of These Have You Tried?

10 min read

Screen Printing is one of the oldest printing methods among all modern-day printing methods. It is one of the most trending printing methods. The prints obtained through screen printing are crisp, durable, and can withstand multiple washes for a long time. This suggests that screen printing is bound to stay in-trend in the upcoming years.

The US’s custom screen-printing market size is expected to be $7.9bn with a growth percentage of 1.8% in 2021. With companies conceptualizing and implementing new ideas, the T-shirt design trends of 2021 look unique and personalized. It represents a broad spectrum of artistic capabilities, including creative designs, thoughtful logos, customized designs, trending quotes, etc. The designers’ artistic abilities and creativity helped many individuals, communities, and social movements worldwide.

In this day and age, customers can get whatever they want on their t-shirts. Modern-day technology provides a creative outlet to the customers where they can express themselves freely and safely. Hence, the question goes: Are you prepared to provide everything they want? Are you aware of all the trending t-shirt colors, latest t-shirt design ideas, and trends? There’s no need to panic because we have exactly what you need! Here are the 15 newest t-shirt design trends for the upcoming years. Ready to inspire the world with your t-shirt design ideas? Let’s dive in!

1. Luminescent Prints/ Neon Prints

>Luminescent prints are the holographic designs that have become exceedingly popular in the past few years. Luminescent colors with futuristic concepts bring a mixture of fantasy and reality to the designs.

Most fans of psychedelic and dreamscape themes prefer these prints for parties and gatherings. The psychedelic bands’ logos are also luminescent and contribute to a wide variety of designs. As it becomes popular, more and more people are adopting the prints.

2. Famous Quotes and Sayings

A lot of people want their t-shirts to say things boldly and clearly. Being able to stand for something without saying a word is the bold choice that customers are willing to make. Especially after living in a world where keeping distance has become necessary and conversations have become limited.

If your apparel is advocating for a cause, be it social, political, environmental, etc., this category will sell itself. Plus, it gives you a huge variety of ideas. You can categorize these quotes and sayings into various subcategories and increase your offerings.

3. Black and White Prints

Black and white are two of the most trending t-shirt colors. Especially when these two classic colors are together in an interesting design, they are sure to top the market. The contrast creates a huge appeal.

Letters in the white spacing or bold black color contrast contribute to creating a head-turner effect. It may not be a new trend, but is popular right now and has a good future scope. One advantage of offering black and white print is that it is fast and cost-effective.

4. Personalized T-shirts

Perhaps the biggest gift you can give your customers is letting them create their own designs. If they can design their own products in a hassle-free manner, you’re sure to get good word-of-mouth publicity. Customers love things made just for them and exactly how they want. Self-designed products are a great way to make customers happier and to keep them engaged. In a recent study, Deloitte found that 1 out of every 5 customers is willing to pay 20% more for a personalized product exclusively designed just for them. Another study on creating customer loyalty through customization states that:

“Offering customization increases perceived service quality, customer satisfaction, customer trust, and ultimately customer loyalty toward a service provider.”

Offer your customers personalization options, let them upload photographs, write personal messages, add designs of their choice to their products, and so on. Customer experience finds value through exclusivity in the form of customized products. It gives them the feeling of something unique and something specific that works just the way they want.

To offer product personalization to your customers, you will need web-to-print software with diverse features. There are a number of such software available in the market and it is essential to choose the right one. Ideally, most tools provide a massive library of images, texts, clipart, and ready templates. Pick a tool that gives you full control over its offerings and flexibility.

Brush Your Ideas is one such tool. It understands your business feasibility and provides a custom UI for you to control, where your customers can perform customizations. Plus, it offers multiple integrations and can work with multiple platforms like Magento, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Shopify, PrestaShop, PHP, and more.

5. Doodle Artwork

Doodle artwork adds more playfulness to people’s lives and in their wardrobe. You can offer doodle designs that are very easy to implement. You can make the designs in thin lines, wavy lines, different colors, and sizes, etc. Doodle artwork comes straight out of imagination. Whatever you imagine, you can implement in the designs. Start imagining and print it on the merch!

6. Superheroes and Comic Characters

Nowadays comics like Marvel and DC are growing in popularity. They have now become a part of many people’s lives. In fact, we can already see the growing demand for superhero themes like Iron-man, Batman, Superman, and so on. The t-shirt demands for all the Marvel characters saw a great peak after the release of the latest Avengers movie.

Try Our T-Shirt Design Tool

You must have seen those Captain America’s Shield t-shirts or the Star Wars t-shirts in the market. Therefore, we believe this is going to reach a new height. In the future, we are likely to see more superhero prints not just limited to the t-shirts but also, on backpacks, water bottles, mugs, and more.

7. Science Theme

Science may be complicated for real, but it is fun too. The last few years have seen an increasing demand for T-shirts with scientific quotes on them such as the Heisenberg’s principle, Newtonian laws, scientific jokes on Schrödinger’s cat and so on.

This category may also include various dialogues and sayings from popular scientific TV shows, movies, and documentaries such as The Big Bang Theory, The Cosmos, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, etc. This can also have a subcategory of space-themed t-shirts.

Space is all about exploration, discovery, and infinite possibilities. They’re popular too, and we believe they’ve set their place in fashion and are not going to vanish any soon.

8. 80’s and 90’s Prints

Vintage t-shirts are not for everybody, but those who love them know how much it means to have a t-shirt with the ’80s or ‘90s theme. These t-shirts generally look vintage in both appearance and print. Faded t-shirts are in demand nowadays and are supposed to stay that way in the coming years.

So, now is the correct time to adopt these designs. This will also increase your offerings in softer shades as they make the t-shirts look more genuinely vintage. It is a great opportunity for discharge inks in a screen-printed t-shirt to get a worn-out look.

9. Abstract Painting Prints

T-shirts with abstract paintings and design have had a whole market of their own for quite some time. People prefer abstract paintings and renaissance art on their t-shirts. These patterns usually attract attention. Nowadays, many t-shirt entrepreneurs offer abstract paintings, text, and logos on various parts of the t-shirt, such as on the sleeves, pockets, neckline, etc.

10. Typography

Typography is the art of arranging letters and text to create designs and make them look clear, legible, and visually appealing. Typography involves various font sizes, styles, colors, and appearances that aim to elicit certain emotions and convey specific messages. There are multiple types in which you can offer typography-based theme t-shirts to your customers.

  1. Handwritten Typography

Handwritten typography brings a distinctive tone to your designs. You can hand-draw letters that can be funky, retro, bold, formal, and so on. You can have full-flexibility while creating the designs. You can also mix and match letters to make it look different.

  1. Bold Letters Print

Bold letters offer a simplistic design to all the trending t-shirt colors. Typographical bold prints with quotes symbolize strong rebellion. These street-style designs will hit the runway before you know it. The best part about these designs is that it uses up less ink and lessens production costs. Plus, it brings out the wearers’ style.

  1. Multi-Colored Typography

Multi-colored typography lets you offer various trending t-shirt colors in one design. You can create a text design with some of the most trending t-shirt colors like blue, black, red, orange, yellow, and so on.

The color palette sets the mood of the t-shirt. You can either keep it simple with just a few colors or make a splash of energy with the most trending colors. You can also go all out and make every letter a different color!

  1. Warped Text

Warped text is yet another example of how a distorted text can stand out on your plain t-shirt. Warping brings you endless design possibilities. You can include everything from way back in the ‘70s and retro to today’s sci-fi design themes.

  1. Clean and Simple Text

You can make a statement with your designs using a sharp and clear typeface. It ensures readability, the message is loud and clear, and it grabs people’s attention too. Offer this for the customers looking for awareness and advocacy shirts and get their message across to anyone who sees it.

  1. Arched Text

Arched text can take your designs from ordinary to extraordinary whether you apply it as a full circle, partial-circle, curved effect to the text in your designs, and so on. Arched text design is an easy way to enhance and ensure the quality of your shirt’s design.

11. LED T-shirts

LED T-shirts top the list of t-shirts growing in popularity. It is soon going to be the generation’s most popular choice. The illuminating LED patterns steal the show! It has the potential to revolutionize t-shirts in unimaginable ways.

12. Illustrative Figures

Nowadays, digital drawings are becoming increasingly popular. Numerous illustrative portraits have become a go-to design idea. They bring a perfect blend of playfulness and personalization to the t-shirts. Your customers can choose to style this as abstract or as realistic, however they like.

13. Animal Portraits

Animal portraits continue to be a popular design choice for trending custom apparel. This theme covers all the customers from animal rescuers, animal lovers, wildlife organizations, famous pet celebrities, NGOs, and more. This design trend provides a whole lot of versatility.

14. Hand-Sketched Designs

Hand-sketched designs hold a whole another importance in terms of the customer base. The textured and pencil-like drawings seem like a significant design trend for the present and the future. This detailed line work allows you to highlight crisp details and provides you with a room full of imagination.

So, this was all about the latest t-shirt design trends and ideas. As the screen-printing technology is advancing, we see more and more evident changes. We believe that it will continue to be the best print method to grow your business with custom products for ages. We believe that the above-mentioned t-shirt design trends are going to soar to new heights. What do you think? You can check our blog at our knowledge station or directly contact our experts for any other questions related to t-shirt design tool magento, product designer tools, and product designing equipment.

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Pratik Shah

Top 5 Tips to Create Your Photo Book

4 min read


A photo album is like a time machine. It helps us to go back in time and relive those best memories of our lives. This is the reason why people want their photo book to be nothing less than perfect. However, if not crafted correctly, photo books can often become boring and uninteresting. To avoid such a situation, users can leverage poster design software and photo album design software. This software come with cutting-edge features that make creating photo albums a breeze. To make your photo book making experience even better we have come up with top five tips that will guide you to make your own photo book.

Choose a Theme for Your Photo Book

The first step towards creating your photobook is deciding on a theme or guiding concept. This step is crucial as it will shape your entire photo book. Determining the theme is the first step in designing your photobook. Here, you have to decide whether your photo book will be a documentary with pictures of your travel journey and selected events in a particular order.  Or will it have a narrative emphasis where you’ll choose a combination of pictures to showcase highlights and memories of your relationship and friendship. Here, you have to decide whether to focus more on the aesthetic value or the order of photos. The decision here will affect all the steps from here onwards.

Choose the Order in Which You Will Arrange the Pictures

The order in which you arrange photos plays a significant role. You can arrange your photos in geographical, chronological, and thematic orders. This order acts as a thread which keeps all the scattered photos together, giving some context to it. This context ensures that the person looking at the photo album doesn’t lose his attention. To arrange your pictures in the desired order, you can make a new folder with all the selected photos. Here, you can rename the photos as per their order. For example, Vacation Day 1 no. 46. Using such nomenclature will help you to arrange your photos easily.

Select Your Target Audience

Determining the target audience makes it easy to select the pictures. If it’s for a larger group of people, then you can omit the personal and intimate stuff. If it’s dedicated to only one person, then you won’t face any such limitations. In addition, you can use the filters and effects accordingly.

Choose the Best Photos

After collecting all the photos, it’s now time to choose the best photos that will make it to your photo book. First, you can begin with selecting your favourite photos, then you can screen photos based on quality. Here, you must ensure that your photos are not out of focus. Because if they are, then they will look blurry when enlarged and printed on your photo album. Also, you will have to choose one photo from the cluster of similar photos. Here, you must choose a photo that has the best lighting and angles.

You can also enhance the quality of your chosen photo with editing. There are many photo album design software available that comes with cutting-edge editing features. You can use features like crops, add background, resize, etc., to ensure high quality of the photos.

Create Variety

Photo albums are the visual representations of your memories. And the last thing you want them is to be monotonous and boring. To avoid this, you can add variety to your photo book. With the help of advanced photo album design software, you can use different types of page layouts, templates, and photo book styles to enhance the quality of your photo album.

Introducing variety helps you to tell the story by emphasizing certain photos in a creative way. For example, you can put only one photo on the entire page, add multiple photos on a single page, or put a small photo in the center of the page.


Photo albums are close to our hearts as they are the means by which we cherish our memories. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you follow all the best practices to create a perfect photo album. I hope this article provided you with much needed tips that will help you craft your memories in the photo book effectively.


Pratik Shah

5 Quintessential Elements of a Product Designer Tool

5 min read

If you belong to the ecommerce terrain, the chances of you not knowing about product customization software are quite rare. These days, such tools are more commonly known as Web to Print designer tools. So, what does a web to print tool entail? Is it just a tool that facilitates the users to design, customize and buy personalized products from the internet? Or is it more than that?

Well, if you think that a product designer tool is nothing more than a product, you will find yourself investing thousands of dollars into it. Initially, it would look all nice and fancy with overloaded features. But later, it might disappoint you when it comes to offering what it promised. Some recent studies have shown that the hitches in the implementation of online product designer start with its adoption. And hence, nearly 90% of companies need to change their perspective about product designer tool and see it more as a solution.

If you are looking forward to integrating a product designer tool with your website, you need to ensure that it has certain features. Take a look at some of them given below:


Remember the looks you exchange with your friend when someone enters the room? Or the silent smirk you and your partner exchange when both of you find something amusing? Such instances are quite telepathic. If we apply the same phenomenon in the digital arena, it would be known as digital-telepathy. The product designer tool that you integrate with your website should offer the same to your customers.

It should be able to communicate what it wants and enable the customers to design the products with ease. One of the major benefits of any company that integrates this tool is to simplify their marketing activities. When you invest into one of these, have a demo of customization, ordering, payment gateway etc. If the need is, also check the product from the perspective of end users and ask questions. Ensure that no matter how good looking the interface is, it offers ease of use.

Freedom from Extra Features

I don’t know if you have been through the website of a company that displays a long list of online product designer features. Sometimes, it feels like you are reading a novel. Moreover, plentiful features and functionalities are overwhelming and hard to understand. Thus, all you need to check is that the tool has at least ten robust and well-developed features.

Working around a web to print software might be pretty similar to operating an Android mobile device. Most of the users make use only of the features and functionalities they are comfortable with. If you invest in a complex software, things might get difficult and a lot of your time and efforts will go into providing support to your customers. So, just like we said above, keep your focus on a few features that take care of your end goals.

Adaptability Percentage

This is one of the most important aspects you need to consider. And for that, you might have to keep some figures in mind. Almost 60% of product customization software users report utility level lesser than 5%. Which means 3 to 5% is the percentage of adoption. To get over this, you must ensure that the percentage of usage is much higher as compared to the figures we gave above.

The company you have decided to buy a product designer tool from must ensure that the tool is up to the mark and offers all the functionalities that an end customer might ask for. You can also ask for suggestions, portfolios, content, and collateral from the designer tool providers so that you conduct your marketing activities well.

Scalability & Flexibility

Majorly, there are two types of the web to print platforms. One, which technology companies build and two, which printing companies build. However, every software has their own advantages and perils. Certain product designer tools available in the market have very high rates. These might be affordable for certain companies. But the drawback is, their adoption rates are low due to the complex and intricate features, lack of support, and comprehensiveness.

Find a company that can provide you with the best of both worlds. They should not only be able to take care of the fulfillment on their own but also work with other network partners. Before you jump into investing one of these tools, you must ensure that you get a similar type of scalability and flexibility.

Customer Service Support

Service and support are of vital importance. Not just for e-stores that integrate the tool but also for the end users. Even if the software is easy to use, there are chances that it might generate several numbers of tickets during the initial stages. To get over these issues, you need to ensure that the software providers offer you with ample amount of support as and when needed.

If the need is, you can also undergo the training needed for operating the software before your users start exploiting it. Even after all the training you have had, the customer service staff should be prompt, helpful, and supportive when it comes to solving the issues you face. It’s always better to find a software provider that takes care of most of the tasks including setting up the templates, troubleshooting of UX/UI issues, handling refunds, looking into end-user customer service etc.

If you are new to the world of technology, you might not understand the way in which these software work. So, make sure you ask ample amount of questions, go through the software and its nuances in detail and thereafter go about integrating one of these to your platform.

Some companies also provide ready-made web to print stores to small businesses. They set up everything from the scratch. All you need to do is start selling. Think about it…

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